Monthly Archives:   March 2016

New Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2016

Large employers may be subject to the employer penalty under the Affordable Care Act if they do not offer affordable, minimum value coverage to all full-time employees and at least one full-time employee receives a subsidy in the Exchange. An individual is only eligible for a subsidy in the Exchange if he or she is within 100-400% of the Federal Poverty Guideline and is not offered affordable, minimum value group coverage.

Highmark’s New Active Choice Pharmacy Program

Highmark’s Active Choice program gives employees and enrolled dependents the option to refill maintenance prescription drugs by retail pharmacy or mail order through Express Scripts Pharmacy. The program affects individual health plans and groups with fewer than 50 employees. Maintenance drugs are drugs that are taken on an ongoing basis and are appropriate for a 90-day supply.

Need Payroll Help? TEC has services for you!

TEC Benefits’ Payroll Service provides an integrated approach to payroll, benefits administration, and human resource management. We offer complete payroll solutions without adding processing or administrative fees that typically surprise employers.